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We want to challenge – and ultimately destroy – prejudice towards those with invisible disabilities.
Prejudice which leads to discrimination, mental health issues, and unemployment - among other things.
We believe that the way to achieve this is through communication and education.


Alongside our work with schools, and others, BVisible is also challenging the attitudes that surround disability online - including our 'Chats With BVisible' YouTube series.

In the Classroom


We aim to use a range of activities, talks and workshops - catered specifically to each individual school - to educate students on what an ‘invisible illness’ is, both physical and mental, and teach them the importance of understanding how these illnesses affect others. First, we shall look at the broad notion of disabilities: what it means, who it effects, and how to be more understanding towards those with disabilities. Then, we shall focus on invisible disabilities. This will include explaining things such as some of the invisible symptoms, how this varies from person to person, and how this can impact an individual’s life.

As our future employers, it is incredibly important to challenge a child's misconceptions about disability at an early age. 

Legal Research and Writing


We will work with you to create an environment where every pupil receives the support they require to improve their quality of life and academic performance.
First, we shall work with you to ensure that all students with invisible illnesses have been identified. Then, we shall work with the individual pupils and their teachers, including SENCOs, to ensure that each pupil is receiving sufficient support and understanding from their teachers. Our BVisible Care Plans will work outside of the Government's Education Health and Care plan - so as to ensure that those who don't currently qualify for an EHCP are still able to receive support and understanding. 

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