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Meet the Co-Founders

Co-Founders Bethany Bale and Bethany Dawson met each other at University, where they decided to create BVisible in response to the negative experiences they had in common during their education so far - as a result of the ignorance and bias that surrounds disability, and the growing inaccessibility of policies created to support students with disabilities at school. 

Bethany Bale

Bethany Bale, Co-Founder and Chair of BVisible, studied Politics BSc at the University of Surrey with a placement year in the non-profit sector. In her final year at University she carried out research on whether disablist attitudes are entrenched in the education system in England, and the impact of this. 

When she's not working on BVisible, Bethany spends most of her time taking part in activism, volunteering, watching trashy television, petting dogs and advising her friends to ‘just put on a face mask and watch Legally Blonde’. Bethany lives with several Endocrine, Gastric, Ophthalmic and Orthopaedic invisible disabilities - most of which she’s had since birth.

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Bethany Dawson

Bethany Dawson studied Politics and Sociology BSc at the University of Surrey, working as a Government policy researcher during her placement year. Since graduating, Bethany works full-time as a journalist for Business Insider and has done freelance work for various other publications.

Bethany no longer works for BVisible, but continues to raise awareness of our cause by sharing her own experience of living with various chronic illnesses - including Ankylosing Spondylitis, POTS and PCOS - and amplifying others' experiences through her journalism. Her current work at Insider can be found here

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