Meet the Co-Founders

Bethany Bale

Bethany Bale is a BSc Politics Student at the University of Surrey, and is currently working in the Fundraising Department of a Major London Hospital during her University Placement Year.


Bethany spends most of her time taking part in activism, volunteering, watching trashy television, petting dogs and advising her friends to ‘just put on a face mask and watch Legally Blonde’. Bethany Bale lives with several Endocrine, Gastric, Ophthalmic and Orthopaedic invisible disabilities - most of which she’s had since birth.


Bethany Dawson


Bethany is a BSc Politics and Sociology student currently on a placement year as a Government policy researcher. She lives with a range of conditions including Ankylosing Spondylitis and PCOS. Her ill health became a significant part of her life at the age of 13 - when she developed Ankylosing Spondylitis - and subsequently spent the next five years of her life working to get a diagnosis. This period was rather difficult, as she had to fight to get her chronic pain recognised as legitimate. After this point, she did a TEDx Talk about her experiences which you can watch here

When not working, you can find Bethany reading, writing, cuddling her dogs and two cats, eating an abundance of cake and trying to find a way to get to the beach.