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Our Origins

We are a team run by Bethany Bale - a BSc Politics student who lives with Crohn’s Disease and several chronic Orthopaedic and Endocrine conditions; and Bethany Dawson – a BSc Politics and Sociology student with a form of Rheumatoid Arthritis known as Ankylosing Spondylosis. 

Our combined experience of chronic illness has exposed us to the harsh reality that 'invisible illnesses' are often overlooked and, consequently, misunderstood. One of the many consequences of this, is that it can leave children with insufficient support throughout their education and within the healthcare system.

People with ‘invisible illnesses’ face the constant need to validate their illness to others: arguing that they are, in fact, unwell, and consistently having to battle with the stereotypes firmly glued to the notion of disability. Having personally faced these difficulties throughout our own education, we now want to use our experience and knowledge to educate future generations on ‘invisible illnesses’ and ensure that every child at school receives sufficient support to improve their quality of life and academic performance. 

Whilst we hope to improve the standard of support provided to those with 'invisible illnesses'; we also hope to challenge the often negative perception that people have of those with disabilities. Ultimately, our aim is to bring illnesses that are out of sight into mind. 

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